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Pallet box 2

Pallet Box 2

The pallet box can be manufactured to almost any shape and size. Using mostly new pallet wood these pallet boxes are built tough and look great. A planter box can transform your garden wall and allow for easy growing of vegetables or flowers. The perfect pallet box for you and your needs await.

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Pallet box 2

The humble pallet box and crate can be transformed into amazing works of art, with so many applications the imagination is the limit. Whether you are looking for strong storage boxes or a simple spice rack, these are the wooden boxes for you. Crate stacking is a wonderful way to change the space in your living area or any space you have as a matter of fact. Simply measure the space and a custom size pallet box or crate can be manufactured especially for you. A pallet box made from new pallet wood or reclaimed timber makes a stunning centerpiece for wedding decor or most functions.

A wide variety of painting techniques are at hand and can be applied to produce an outstanding looking pallet box.

Painting techniques are available and are subject to different prices.

We have a wide variety such as:

  • Clear varnish
  • White wash
  • Beach wash
  • Stained
  • Shabby Chic
  • Mottled
  • Chalk board
  • Chipped
  • Old boat

Custom finishes available

*Please note that certain finishes are at an additional cost and pricing is per single item

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