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Pallet Furniture Magic – understanding the pallet

  • There are many pallets to choose from and not all pallets are of the same size. Saying this the most common of all the sizes are 1m x 1,2m.
  • There are mostly two types of pallets, a two way entry pallet and a four way entry pallet. This basically means that a forklift of some sort or a pallet jack has two sides or four sides entry to lift the pallet
  • The pieces of wood on the top and the base of the pallet are called planks and the thicker pieces are called bearers. In four way entry pallets blocks are used on each corner of the pallet and on the inner.
  • Pallets are used for transporting goods or storing goods upon and this is why pallets are super strong and have a good long lifespan if looked after correctly.
  • Generally the pallet is manufactured using pine wood although other invasive species of timber is used.
  • Pallets are generally nailed together using ribbed nails preventing the pallet planks and pallet bearers pulling apart. The ribbing on the nails make it quite difficult and time consuming to pull the pallet apart so eat a good hearty meal before you take on the project of deconstructing the pallet.

Pallet Furniture Magic – condition of the pallet


  • General rule of thumb is to select pallets that are in fairly good condition and upwards. The pallet doesn’t have to be an A grade state of the art brand new pallet. On the contrary it is sometimes beneficial to manufacture with used pallets as these possess a lot more character and render a better result aesthetically speaking. If the pallet is absolutely falling to pieces take it LOL as it makes deconstruction easier for you but be weary if the pallet planks are split badly and are in bad condition themselves as this could lead to problems later in the project.
  • Pallets are said to be treated with chemicals of some sort or fumigated but I am yet to see or hear of somebody that has had a major problem with the above. In my opinion don’t stress.
  • Yes some pallets are painted or marked but this all assists in the beauty and uniqueness of the pallet furniture piece, besides there is always paint if you don’t want to leave the wood raw and create your own pallet furniture magic.

Two way Entry Pallets

Four way Entry Pallets

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