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Pallet couch potato

Looking at upgrading your patio furniture set at an affordable price then look no more. Here you will find loads of pallet couch images to point you in the right direction. Whether you are interested in an L-shape pallet couch set, a three piece couch set or something smaller we can definitely help. There are different ways to approach your design and we are certain by going through our images you will find something that tickles your fancy and fit your space with perfection.

Pallets or pallet wood

The conventional way of creating a pallet couch set would be to stack beautifully crafted pallets on top of one another and voila you have a seat. There are other ways of creating the couch by using the pallet wood and not the pallets themselves, two different methods for two different looks.

Pallet couch – The good investment

The up side our pallet couch is that it is hardy and tough. Even though there will be loads of bums on seats causing wear and tear the structure will be rock solid. In the event of your foam and fabric getting old after years of use, it will not cost you an arm and a leg to replace. With beautiful fabric to choose from mixing it up is part of the fun.

Spaces for your pallet furniture couch

  • Patio pallet couch
  • Living room pallet couch
  • Man cave pallet couch
  • Outdoor area pallet couch
  • Venue pallet couch
  • Festival pallet couch
  • Pool area pallet couch
  • Office deck pallet couch
  • Car wash pallet couch
  • Restaurant pallet couch
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