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Rest easy on our pallet furniture beds

Gone are the days of having to buy an expensive bed, now you can get an awesome design for a much more affordable price. Using pallets stacked up for your bed base is a fantastic way to achieve this. With a multitude of different colours and techniques to choose from, your pallet furniture bed will fit right in. Let us customize your bed base to suite your specific needs and requirements.

More than a pallet furniture bed

If you are looking for something a little more extravagant it’s music to our ears. Mixing shutter ply board with pallet wood is right up our alley. With your unique design and our expertise we have a pallet furniture bed for every’body’

Possible spaces for your pallet furniture bed

  • House room
  • Guest house
  • Spare room
  • Holiday home
  • Kiddies room
  • Loft

With loads of amazing pallet furniture beds to choose from finding yours will be a breeze. Lightweight yet strong and durable is where the pallet bed is at. Why not add some castor wheels for easy access underneath or install some drawers on the inside for a space saver. Let us help you create the perfect bed to fit your space.

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