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Pallet furniture shelves for your “what nots” and “trinkets”

Running out of space for your beloved book collection? Needing more space in your home or office? Custom design your very own pallet furniture shelves or novelty stand to suit your requirements. Pallet furniture shelves are not only a functional pieces but are also a strong decorative element. Shelves can act as a room divider or to separate spaces. Whether you are looking for pallet furniture inspired look, rustic and raw or a more geometrical elegant finish not to mention funky crate stacking that is trending. Redesign your shelves on the fly.

Almost every space can be enhanced

How you choose to enhance your space is the cherry on the top. Being able to pull your customized pallet furniture vegetable rack out from under the kitchen table and sliding it back again to save space is effortless. Have your lamp glowing softly on top of your unique corner stand bookshelf. Not to mention the old Victorian paint technique.

  • Traditional bookcase shelves
  • Office pallet furniture shelves
  • Crate stacking shelves
  • Ladder shelves
  • A frame shelves
  • Floating shelves
  • Stack pallet furniture shelves
  • Mug holder shelves
  • Tool shelves
  • Vegetable shelves
  • Clothes hook shelves
  • Pigeon hole shelves
  • Iron mongered stack shelves
  • Shoe display shelves

All custom pallet furniture shelves and display stands welcome

No matter the space let us custom build your perfect display stand piece and offering delivery do not worry about making a plan. We offer installation services, prices vary according to the type of installation.