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Pallet Headboards for a little ‘R+R’

Let’s be honest, when you’ve had a long day and are ready to turn in for the night, your bed is a most welcomed sight. Transform your room with an awesome pallet headboard, specially made for that moment. It must be your place of comfort and tranquility. Enhance your space with your custom made pallet headboard that has been constructed by pallets that in most cases have literally traveled the world.

Sweet dreams with pallet furniture headboards

Whether you are looking to have a rustic look or just that little more refined finish, options are at you disposal. If you choose to infuse pallet wood furniture with ply board, we say why not? Pallet furniture movement is here, flow with it.

Childrens Bed | Single Bed | Double Bed | Queen Sized Bed | King Sized Bed

  • King size bed pallet wood headboard
  • Queen size bed pallet wood headboard
  • Full length bed pallet wood headboard
  • Twin size bed pallet wood headboard
  • Kids bed pallet wood headboard
  • Bunk bed pallet wood headboard
  • Entrance hall table pallet wood headboard

Get that warm feeling of natural wood, be modern be old school, have your surname burned onto your pallet furniture headboard or quirky quotes or phrases like “ZZZ”. Decorate your headboard with handles and knobs. Have stars or moons cut out of the wood for amazing viewing. Have a built in lamp stand on your pallet furniture headboard for a space saver.

Now you really can dream it, then do it! I tell you what, why don’t you sleep on it and you can let us know about it in the morning.

Custom pallet headboards welcome