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Pallet chairs to rest your bones

A design for posture or for comfort, elegant and striking. These are but a few of the incredible designs we study and create for your seating pleasure. Why not let us create your perfect fit? With our creativity and know how, not to mention your input let us put together the perfect pallet chairs to suit your needs. With maximum comfort and affordability its definitely bottoms down.

The dark horse of pallet chairs

After a hard day in the saddle and taking on what the world has offered, kick off your shoes and slump into your pallet chair laced with comfort pillows and a cup of steamy java. Soon you will realize how your investment in your customized pallet furniture chair is so worth it. In today’s hive of demands, come home to custom comfort your way.

Unique pallet furniture chairs

All our pallet chairs are hand crafted unique pieces. You can be assured that your pallet furniture piece will be a one of a kind item.

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  • Kitchen pallet chairs
  • Dining room pallet chairs
  • Patio table pallet chairs
  • Bar pallet chairs
  • High pallet chairs
  • Low seated pallet chairs
  • Kiddies playroom pallet chairs
  • Fire pit pallet chairs
  • Camp pallet chairs
  • Benches

Be trendy or old school with your custom made pallet furniture finish. Plain, sealed, painted or having a technique applied, the options are plentiful. With a massive variety of pallet wood designs and finishing let your imagination run wild.