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Pallet Wood Box – Easy as pie

Funky different sized pallet wood boxes stacked to become a shoe holder, or boxes stacked on top of one another and in an instant you have a clothes cupboard. Wrangle on four wheels and you are mobile. If you are in a retail environment imagine your floor changing all the time, keep your customers on their toes by reinventing your old space with new space. Or in the kitchen with your cupboards bulging out with ‘stuff’, simply use your pallet wood boxes to solve the problem.

What kind of Pallet Wood Box?

Whatever you like! Whether you want to wall mount your pallet wood boxes in your bathroom to hold towels or turn it upside down to make a functional chair/ottoman you can. How about taking your sheets and blankets and storing them in an old school pallet furniture trunk at the foot of your bed, keeping them safe whilst creating space in your cupboards.

Pallet wood boxes and ply board boxes are the economical, funky and trendy way to go. With many options on the finishing, a little master piece is waiting to be added to your space. All you need to do is to think outside the “pallet” box!

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The Pallet Furniture Box can be used for applications such as:

Offering a wide variety of optional extras such as black plastic lining or compost for the pallet furniture box, we provide you with an all in one solution. Select from our vast amount of finishes to enhance the aesthetics of your pallet box in a way that suites your needs.

  • Vegetable garden pallet box
  • Seedling pallet box
  • Treasure chest pallet box
  • Tier pallet box
  • Toy pallet box
  • Storage pallet box
  • Trunk pallet box
  • Tool pallet box
  • Retro ply board infused box
  • Wall top pallet box
  • Flower pallet box
  • Spice rack pallet box
  • Stack pallet box
  • Decorative pallet box
  • Centerpiece pallet box
  • Fruit pallet box
  • Gift pallet box
  • Vanity pallet box
  • Utensil holder pallet box
  • Laundry pallet box
  • Trash can pallet box